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I have been very pleased with the results of my low-level light laser treatments with Dr. Downey. I had previously tried numerous other therapies for my ongoing and persistent foot problems. None worked as effectively as the laser in combination with Dr. Downey's deep tissue therapy. This course of treatment allowed me to train for, and complete, a half marathon pain-free.

Recently, I inadvertently put the treatment to a little unscientific test. Pressed for time, I asked Dr. Downey to only treat my right foot and lower leg, skipping the treatment on my left leg. This was on a day when I had worked out vigorously in the gym with weights and a jump rope, followed by a two-hour hike in the hills. The next morning, I was astonished to step out of bed and find that my left foot and lower leg were painfully tight, while my right foot and lower leg were completely symptom free. I don't know that I could have designed a more perfect test of this amazing treatment!

Elizabeth Rajs, Pleasanton, CA

I would like to express my great appreciation for your help in relieving my back pain problem. I have suffered from sciatic pain for brief periods over the last 20 years but in June 2005, I developed a sciatic pain problem that became chronic. An MRI showed that I had multilevel degenerative disc disease, several bulging discs and multilevel canal stenosis.I had epidural injections in January and November of 2006. They relieved the pain for periods of three and one month(s) respectively. I am a farmer and must do a lot of heavy work over the course of the year. My sciatic pain manifested itself in a pain down the back of my right thigh and into my calf and foot. It got so bad I would drag my right leg by the end of the day. However, my biggest problem was that I could not sleep lying down, even with pain medication - so I spent part of each night sleeping in a recliner. I was wearing out because I could not get enough rest.I consulted an orthopedist who said he could not help me. I also consulted with two neurosurgeons who suggested operations, but they wanted to do different things. I was in a real quandary about what to do because I had done a lot of research on the issue and back surgery appeared to have a low success rate in relieving pain plus, in my opinion, the risks were high.

I had gone to a chiropractor in the past for a different back problem but I was not happy with the outcome so I had avoided that solution. In April 2007, I received a flyer in the mail from your office describing the decompression procedure and claiming great success with the use of this procedure. I was skeptical but I did some research on the technique and on chiropractic approaches in general. It appeared that the technique had a chance of helping me so I made an appointment.

My wife accompanied me to the first (evaluation) appointment. After a thorough evaluation, you told us I was a good candidate for the procedure and you believed there was a good probability that it would help me. Both my wife and I were impressed with your knowledge and professional approach, and with the care you took to explain things clearly and completely. It was also clear that you cared very much about helping people.

I began treatment right away but I had a trip scheduled so it was interrupted after 4 sessions. However, after the second session, my pain practically disappeared and it did not bother me at all on my trip. I believe the key to my successful treatment has been decompression on the DRX 9000, coupled with the aggressive stretching and strengthening program you prescribed.

Since I started your program in April of this year, I have resumed all of my previous activities and have remained pain free with the exception of an occasional momentary twinge when I over exert myself: I can do all the activities I want or used to do without fear of a relapse as I have tested the "fix" rigorously.

I would recommend that anyone one with sciatic pain should be evaluated as a potential candidate for this technique and, if the recommendation is that it would be helpful, they should pursue it. If it doesn't work, there is always a surgeon eager to try another approach.

Harry Galles, Livermore, CA

Herniated Disc Success Story (Spinal Decompression)

I had been seeing my family physician for lower back and leg pain for two years. I was not able to run or stand with out being in a lot of pain. I had physical therapy and was given shots for pain without any success. My physician told me I had four bulging disks and the only cure was surgery. Shortly after that, I read an article about spinal decompression that seemed promising.I started seeing Dr. Downey in early August of this year. After a full examination, she told me I was a perfect candidate for spinal decompression and explained all about the DRX9000 treatment For once, I had hope.After about one month of treatment and exercises, I started feeling so much better. The pain started going away and I am now able to start my running program again, but I believe my success was not just all about this wonderful machine. I believe it was the combination of both the DRX9000 and Dr. Downey's unique way of treating the whole body and explaining what she was doing through the process, in such a way that I was able to understand. Her dedication and amazing staff made it a pleasure to be treated there. If you are suffering from lower back pain, I highly recommend you give Dr. Downey and DRX9000 a try. You will not regret it.

Dan Medina, Security Technician

I am writing to express my gratitude for your help with my back pain. I came to your office about 18 months ago with lower back pain. At that time I was unable to stand up straight after sitting for more than 20 minutes. In addition, it was getting more difficult to extend my back without pain. The cause of my pain was unknown, and I had never had a back injury. Instead of seeking any medical care, I continued to function, but with intermittent discomfort. I had experienced this condition for over a year, and was somewhat skeptical that chiropractic care would be effective.Finally, I realized that I needed to elicit some form of evaluation and treatment. It was important to me NOT to take any medication, so I decided to look into chiropractic care. Fortunately, I found your practice through my medical insurance listing. At my very first visit with you, you were able to ascertain the origin of my back pain. Since that time, you continue to treat my back, and my pain has diminished nearly completely and the episodes are infrequent. In addition, you taught me ways I can improve the health of my back/spine by exercise, posture changes and lifestyle improvements. You educated me regarding my condition, as well as general health issues. Equally as important, you respected my desire to avoid pharmacological pain relief and I have not had to use even over-the-counter medication.At this point, I am rarely reminded that I have had back pain. The time between my visits with you have gradually lengthened. I am able to kick box, lift weights, run and roller blade better than ever! I continue to utilize the information you gave me, and now when I exercise I know proper body mechanics, and how to focus on strengthening my body (not just my back) to ensure better health in the future.

I greatly appreciate your help and care, and feel fortunate that I found your office. I believe people underestimate the importance of the health of their spine and/back, and body in general. I was a skeptic about the ability for my back to feel as good as it does, and was unsure about the effects chiropractic care could provide. I now strongly urge anyone I know who experiences back, joint, muscular pain to seek chiropractic care, your services in particular.

Thanks again for your care.

Elizabeth Mastroianni, Nurse Practitioner, Dublin, CA

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